Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Empire Strikes Back...

Wal-Mart has been at the brink of attacks for years by community organizations, unions, politicians and every day people who all hold the same harsh feelings towards the billion dollar company... And they finally seem to care. Last week Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott adressed an array of concerns which begged the question why the largest employer in the world could not provide an adequete health care plan or any benefits for their employees. "We know our benefits at Wal-Mart Stores are not perfect..." Scott told the National Governors Association, Wal-Mart now plans to open Health-Clinics throughout the country and has a new Health-Care initiative...The new plan which is now in affect, calls for employees to pay 27 dollars a month and in return recieve 3 visits to the doctor every calender year. Using this plan would actually hurt Wal-Mart employees more than help them, financially it would make more sense not to use it. The plan is criticized to be a PR front to make it appear that Wal-Mart is providing health care to more employees, but this plan is simply ridiculous. Scott has also told senators he is willing to work towards lighten the extremley high tax created by the thousands of employees who rely on State Medicaid. Read the NY Times article here

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